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10 Retail Blockchain Vendors
In “10 Ways Blockchains Can Benefit Merchants,” my previous article, I addressed potential uses for blockchain technology. In this post, I’ll describe 10 service providers that already use that technology. Blockverify Blockverify ... Read more – ‘10 Retail Blockchain Vendors’.
Twitter shares its roadmap to curb abuse
Twitter prides itself on being "what's happening," but unfortunately for the company's users, what's frequently happening is unchecked harassment. CEO Jack Dorsey apparently has plans to change all that, and today put forth a roadmap for curbing abus... Read more – ‘Twitter shares its roadmap to curb abuse’.
Empathy And Disruption: Partnering Together For A Better Brand Experience
Perhaps it’s curiosity that fuels my excitement when discussions about disruption surface. Add empathy into the mix, and you’ve got my attention. This year’s Spredfast Summit intertwined the themes of disruption and empathy across 1.5 days, and I... Read more – ‘Empathy And Disruption: Partnering Together For A Better Brand Experience’.

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